It’s been a while…

My last post was about 2 years ago, did I stop shooting? No.
I’ve been working, travelling, shooting and living; mostly working though.
I recently bought myself a brand new iPad Air 2019 since I realized how great it could be to shoot images and edit them on the go.
While going through the app store I came across the WordPress app and it got back to me, I used to run a website / blog.
Downloaded the app, logged in and saw my posts… Flashback. 

Starting to post again might just give me that extra push to commit back to photo projects and let me dive back into what i’m most passionate about: Photography.
Now my passion never left me, I spend every minute on/off work looking, watching and doing things that relates to photography.
The missing piece is actually getting my ass off Youtube, stop watching people shoot and talk photography and go out and do it myself.
2 weeks ago, Gab and I went to Spain (Post to come) and it kind of got me back into shooting out in the streets ( and to skate again ).

I’m right in the middle of a show season, working both week and weekends so my boss told me to take days off during the week (Thanks Billy), so I decided to go out and shoot with my longtime friend Gabriel in my old neighborhood.
Street photography used to be most of what I was shooting but, now it’s been a while since I’ve actually gone out to shoot some.

Now there is no thread to this sequence of image, just pure randomness and fun.
Today was refreshing, I felt joy, excitement and freedom.
I might do it again 😉

Square Format

More shots from the session with Joe Bel.
Shooting square reminds me of my old 500CM. She wanted some shots with the red bricks because apparently they don’t really have that in Lyon, Well when I saw this blue wall I could already see the contrast with her brown coat in Classic Chrome.
An other request from her was the iron curvy set of stairs outside the apartment buildings, Montreal don’t realize that but apparently it’s unique to Montreal.
More on that Later.

120mm F4 Macro @F4
ISO 100
Octogon Box with 2 TT600

In Camera 65:24

I’ve always been a fan of the Fujifilm TX-1 or the better known Hasselblad X-Pan.
The fact that you can frame your shot while actually seeing your panoramic framing was always something appealing to me.

Now with the GFX50s I can do just that.
While shooting with my friend Joe Bel (Check her out her music is amazing)
I couldn’t help myself to shoot a few frames in panoramic, this one is my favorite.
Now the GFX crops your image to get the panoramic framing it’s really not rocket science but the fact that I can retain a 25mp image it kind of amazing, add that to the fact that I shot this image with the 120mm Macro… DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS !
Click here to see it bigger (Not 100% resolution but you can get an idea)

I will post more images from the shoot later.

120mm F4 Macro @F4
ISO 100
Octogone Box with 2 TT600

Voigtlander 21mm F4

I just got my new Voigtlander 21mm F4 yesterday.
Ever since I started working for Fujifilm I’ve only been satisfied with all the cameras we put out. The quality of the bodies and lenses are just incredible.
But I come from a film background and I was used to shooting mechanical cameras. Manual focusing a lens that’s fly by wire and manual focusing a mechanical lens is 2 completely different thing.
Honestly I don’t see why you would use manual focus on an AF lens especially when it’s super fast and super accurate.
But for my ‘’style’’ of shooting AF is not really ideal, I get too close too quick to my subject and no cameras I’ve ever shot could get a good success rate.
What I used to do with my film rangefinders was to zone focus; Close the aperture to F11 put focus around 1m and I would get enough of DOF to just point and shoot.
Having the 21mm F4 on the X Pro2 is pretty close to perfect, it gives me an equivalent of roughly 32mm and I used to shoot a 35mm.
The 3mm difference does change the angle quite a bit so I still need some getting used to. I realized today that I need to be quite closer to my subject to get the same framing I was getting with my 35mm.
To balance it out, I get the DOF of the 21mm while getting a 32mm field of view.
That means I gain about a stop of light since I can get about the same DOF at F8 on the 21mm as F11 on the 35mm.

It felt really good shooting it today even though I didn’t really went out to shoot since I was working, I just snapped photos on my way to stores I had to visit but I can’t wait for a full day of shooting and getting used to it like I was used to my 35mm.

All shots are:
X Pro2
21mm Voigtlander F4
ISO 800-6400
BW are Acros + R
Colors are Classic Chrome