Voigtlander 21mm F4

I just got my new Voigtlander 21mm F4 yesterday.
Ever since I started working for Fujifilm I’ve only been satisfied with all the cameras we put out. The quality of the bodies and lenses are just incredible.
But I come from a film background and I was used to shooting mechanical cameras. Manual focusing a lens that’s fly by wire and manual focusing a mechanical lens is 2 completely different thing.
Honestly I don’t see why you would use manual focus on an AF lens especially when it’s super fast and super accurate.
But for my ‘’style’’ of shooting AF is not really ideal, I get too close too quick to my subject and no cameras I’ve ever shot could get a good success rate.
What I used to do with my film rangefinders was to zone focus; Close the aperture to F11 put focus around 1m and I would get enough of DOF to just point and shoot.
Having the 21mm F4 on the X Pro2 is pretty close to perfect, it gives me an equivalent of roughly 32mm and I used to shoot a 35mm.
The 3mm difference does change the angle quite a bit so I still need some getting used to. I realized today that I need to be quite closer to my subject to get the same framing I was getting with my 35mm.
To balance it out, I get the DOF of the 21mm while getting a 32mm field of view.
That means I gain about a stop of light since I can get about the same DOF at F8 on the 21mm as F11 on the 35mm.

It felt really good shooting it today even though I didn’t really went out to shoot since I was working, I just snapped photos on my way to stores I had to visit but I can’t wait for a full day of shooting and getting used to it like I was used to my 35mm.

All shots are:
X Pro2
21mm Voigtlander F4
ISO 800-6400
BW are Acros + R
Colors are Classic Chrome

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