GFX 50s + Godox TT685

My GFX was on loan for a good while and now that I have it back and my Godox Flashes and trigger are up to date, it was time for some fun!
Driving 10 minutes from my house into the fields with my best bud Gabriel.
He’s usually the one I call when I want to go out and shoot portraits.

dsf0078SOOC JPEG

See ya.

Apple Tree’s Last Flower Standing


Flower/Macro photography is really something out of my comfort zone, I never really do that.
Since I moved into my new house I have nice trees with nice flowers that sadly last only for a few days.
I got the GFX50s and the 120mm Macro so I told myself, Why not?
This image is straight out of the camera, Jpeg.
Now to be able to put it online I needed to downsize it to 5000px, not that the real resolution is 8192px.
I am always blown away by the quality that this camera/lens combo produces.


120mm f/4 Macro @f/4
1/1000 sec
ISO 100


I couldn’t wait for the 4×5 adapter… I wanted to get creative.
So I made myself an adapter with the back of a photo frame.

I also had a broken Linhof 120mm camera. I love to build stuff with tape and glue.
Here is the result.


I had my friends over for dinner so I had my setup ready.
I was very surprised by the quality of this old lens.
Obviously Linhof is a well-reputed company but it’s still very old.
Here are a few shots with the setup.