In Camera 65:24

I’ve always been a fan of the Fujifilm TX-1 or the better known Hasselblad X-Pan.
The fact that you can frame your shot while actually seeing your panoramic framing was always something appealing to me.

Now with the GFX50s I can do just that.
While shooting with my friend Joe Bel (Check her out her music is amazing)
I couldn’t help myself to shoot a few frames in panoramic, this one is my favorite.
Now the GFX crops your image to get the panoramic framing it’s really not rocket science but the fact that I can retain a 25mp image it kind of amazing, add that to the fact that I shot this image with the 120mm Macro… DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS !
Click here to see it bigger (Not 100% resolution but you can get an idea)

I will post more images from the shoot later.

120mm F4 Macro @F4
ISO 100
Octogone Box with 2 TT600

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