It’s been a while…

My last post was about 2 years ago, did I stop shooting? No.
I’ve been working, travelling, shooting and living; mostly working though.
I recently bought myself a brand new iPad Air 2019 since I realized how great it could be to shoot images and edit them on the go.
While going through the app store I came across the WordPress app and it got back to me, I used to run a website / blog.
Downloaded the app, logged in and saw my posts… Flashback. 

Starting to post again might just give me that extra push to commit back to photo projects and let me dive back into what i’m most passionate about: Photography.
Now my passion never left me, I spend every minute on/off work looking, watching and doing things that relates to photography.
The missing piece is actually getting my ass off Youtube, stop watching people shoot and talk photography and go out and do it myself.
2 weeks ago, Gab and I went to Spain (Post to come) and it kind of got me back into shooting out in the streets ( and to skate again ).

I’m right in the middle of a show season, working both week and weekends so my boss told me to take days off during the week (Thanks Billy), so I decided to go out and shoot with my longtime friend Gabriel in my old neighborhood.
Street photography used to be most of what I was shooting but, now it’s been a while since I’ve actually gone out to shoot some.

Now there is no thread to this sequence of image, just pure randomness and fun.
Today was refreshing, I felt joy, excitement and freedom.
I might do it again 😉

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