Today after work I went to the little fruit market across the street but not to buy groceries. If you look back into my posts you can see a portrait of Shahram and he was really receptive about me taking photographs of him so I went back but to take pictures. It’s always a lot of fun when the person likes to be the model, it feels natural and I wanted to take some sort of serious portraits of him but man this is impossible with him. He smiling at all time! As I was taking pictures someone came inside, shouting out loud “oh he’s your photographer too!!” I turned back and it was Gilbert from the bakery next door. Turns out they are cousins. Had a nice talk as usual with the two.

It’s always fun to share with people.

Thanks a lot guys!

If you are in Montreal go see him!

Fruiterie Aux Petits Oignons
Marché alimentaire


5D mkII / 40mm f/2.8

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