Jake Johnson


Jake Johnson Professional skateboarder, Last day in Montreal, taking a nap.

5DmkII / 24-105mm

My Name is Francis Bellefeuille, 24 yrs old from Montreal, Québec, Canada.
I been taking pictures for about 10 yrs. I started at school in a Art class with an old Minolta XG-9 and black and white film. I got hooked, that’s basically what kept me in school. I don’t really have a style or a field i’d say. I love to shoot street photography and portraits but I also enjoy shooting landscapes and anything that comes in from of me. I love to capture natural, everyday moments. I think i’m more attracted to street photography since I grew up skateboarding and spending everyday in the streets.
I shoot digital with a 5D mkII and a Fuji x100 but my favorite cameras are my film cameras.
I got about 30 of them but I mainly use my Mamiya 645 1000s, Rolleicord, Pentax K1000 and my Olympus OM-1.
I process all my films by myself.

I hope you will like my work.

Francis Bellefeuille on:




Thanks a lot.

Prints available for sales in limited quantities.
Contact Francis@francisbellefeuille.com for inquieries

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