Apple Tree’s Last Flower Standing


Flower/Macro photography is really something out of my comfort zone, I never really do that.
Since I moved into my new house I have nice trees with nice flowers that sadly last only for a few days.
I got the GFX50s and the 120mm Macro so I told myself, Why not?
This image is straight out of the camera, Jpeg.
Now to be able to put it online I needed to downsize it to 5000px, not that the real resolution is 8192px.
I am always blown away by the quality that this camera/lens combo produces.


120mm f/4 Macro @f/4
1/1000 sec
ISO 100


I couldn’t wait for the 4×5 adapter… I wanted to get creative.
So I made myself an adapter with the back of a photo frame.

I also had a broken Linhof 120mm camera. I love to build stuff with tape and glue.
Here is the result.


I had my friends over for dinner so I had my setup ready.
I was very surprised by the quality of this old lens.
Obviously Linhof is a well-reputed company but it’s still very old.
Here are a few shots with the setup.

Fujiwalk Chinatown

Today was our Fujiwalk in Montreal with Camtec in Chinatown.
Lots of people, lots of fun.
I’ve been asking for an X Pro1 to all my collegues all week to see if any of them still had one because, I just wanted to try it with my 21mm F4.
When all my hopes were down, yesterday I received a shipment from Billy,
an X Pro1 !
Lots of fun shooting it in MF.

These 2 shots are from the X Pro1 in BW+R with the Voigtlander 21mm F4

Monday Selfie


I like to play around with my gear.
What’s amazing it’s that it’s also part of my job.
I usually use the 120mm exclusively with the GFX for portraits but I wanted to use the 63mm for a change.
The sharpness is still amazing and the transition is super smooth.
I also wanted to play with my Octogone/Grid.
What do you do when you want to shoot something but you are alone?

63mm f2.8
ISO 100
Acros + R