I couldn’t wait for the 4×5 adapter… I wanted to get creative.
So I made myself an adapter with the back of a photo frame.

I also had a broken Linhof 120mm camera. I love to build stuff with tape and glue.
Here is the result.


I had my friends over for dinner so I had my setup ready.
I was very surprised by the quality of this old lens.
Obviously Linhof is a well-reputed company but it’s still very old.
Here are a few shots with the setup.

Fujiwalk Chinatown

Today was our Fujiwalk in Montreal with Camtec in Chinatown.
Lots of people, lots of fun.
I’ve been asking for an X Pro1 to all my collegues all week to see if any of them still had one because, I just wanted to try it with my 21mm F4.
When all my hopes were down, yesterday I received a shipment from Billy,
an X Pro1 !
Lots of fun shooting it in MF.

These 2 shots are from the X Pro1 in BW+R with the Voigtlander 21mm F4

Monday Selfie


I like to play around with my gear.
What’s amazing it’s that it’s also part of my job.
I usually use the 120mm exclusively with the GFX for portraits but I wanted to use the 63mm for a change.
The sharpness is still amazing and the transition is super smooth.
I also wanted to play with my Octogone/Grid.
What do you do when you want to shoot something but you are alone?

63mm f2.8
ISO 100
Acros + R




Back when the GFX wasn’t out yet, Oliver helped me out with a few videos.
I had just gotten my new popup ring flash and we were playing around with it.
I love the light it gives, kind of harsh then smoothen out quickly.

The 120mm was already my favorite, we’ll see what happens when the 110mm f2 comes out.
See the details here

Fall Colours

Back in 2016 I went and did a little shoot with Gabriel at the school next to my place.
Turns out the tiny picnic tables matched the colours on track so we tried to get creative.
It was also my first time test driving the 90mm f2 out.

Classic Chrome really gave the look I wanted for the shots.

Shot on the X-T2

Jakob Del Canto

With a minimal setup at my friend’s apartment I wanted to snap a few shots of his brother and try the new grid I just received for my octogone.
I also wanted to shoot the 32-64mm since it’s been the neglected one for me even though I know how good it is, I find myself always going towards the 120mm.

Find a bigger file of the first one (Still resized to 5000px) here
And the second one here

Both Shot on the GFX50s @1/125th ISO100

Square Format

More shots from the session with Joe Bel.
Shooting square reminds me of my old 500CM. She wanted some shots with the red bricks because apparently they don’t really have that in Lyon, Well when I saw this blue wall I could already see the contrast with her brown coat in Classic Chrome.
An other request from her was the iron curvy set of stairs outside the apartment buildings, Montreal don’t realize that but apparently it’s unique to Montreal.
More on that Later.

120mm F4 Macro @F4
ISO 100
Octogon Box with 2 TT600

In Camera 65:24

I’ve always been a fan of the Fujifilm TX-1 or the better known Hasselblad X-Pan.
The fact that you can frame your shot while actually seeing your panoramic framing was always something appealing to me.

Now with the GFX50s I can do just that.
While shooting with my friend Joe Bel (Check her out her music is amazing)
I couldn’t help myself to shoot a few frames in panoramic, this one is my favorite.
Now the GFX crops your image to get the panoramic framing it’s really not rocket science but the fact that I can retain a 25mp image it kind of amazing, add that to the fact that I shot this image with the 120mm Macro… DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS !
Click here to see it bigger (Not 100% resolution but you can get an idea)

I will post more images from the shoot later.

120mm F4 Macro @F4
ISO 100
Octogone Box with 2 TT600