Switch Flip Noseslide

Montreal 2014

I’ve know Chris for quite a while, since around the new millennium.
He never grew up… In every kind of ways. He’s always been that crazy kid that just rolls around hittin’ anything and always just commits.
This is the best example. We were cruising’ around looking for spots and we stopped there. at first I was on top of the staircase smoking a cig and didn’t even realized that someone was skating. Then I saw him jumping on this but didn’t really pay attention.
Then I realized that it was a SWITCH kickflip noseslide on the sketchiest steepy not really waxed ledge.

He landed it like 3 times, one for the long lens, one for the fisheye and one to film it.

Yeah, that’s Chris St-cyr.

Canon 5DmkII 15mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/4

All rights reserved

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