This picture was taken on the 11th of February 2014 in Montreal, Canada. You can see how cold it was that day just by looking at this guy’s clothes. I was walking from other side of the street with my camera snappin’ pictures then I looked across the street and saw this guy. He immediately waved at me, smiling. I crossed the street to go see him. I saw he was smoking a cigarette so I asked him if he had some more for later on. he opened his hand and showed me 2 more cigarettes, indian ones (they taste like shit) so I told him “here’s some more, and better one” he took it, light it up with the one he was already smoking then threw the other one out then smiled. I knew it made him happy. I asked him if I could take some pictures of him. No hesitation he said yes and started posing. I know it didn’t take him out of the streets but I think this brief moment of interaction added a little positive in our lives and made him feel like he was still someone by not being ignored like most people does when they see homeless people.



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